ZEP S.r.l.

Pickling treatment

Auto-catalytic chemical coating to obtain a thickness of 80 microns at the most.

Being a chemical coating we can warranty the uniform amount of nickel film on the whole item surface.

Good corrosion-proof and wonderful looking properties, in fact it is particularly proposed on decorative fields.

It appears like the satiny stainless-steel.

Good surface hardness (approximately 600 HV100) that could be increased by an optional thermal treatment to even reach 1000 HV100.

Suitable to protect all sorts of metals, to promote a better coating stick we propose a previous sand-blasting through manual or automatic machines.

They are provided with different types of powders to yield the surface more homogeneous.

Optional: thermal hardening, de-hydrogenating thermal treatment and full-oils lubrication.


Pickling plant

One plant equipped with jigs and barrels.

Provided with different types of acids to process the whole range of raw materials.

Following the ZEP-NICASIL standards, we apply the treatment on steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and their alloys.

On request we can also perform the natural oxidation on iron: comparing with samples once aimed the required step we carry on with fixing and lubricating the products.

The iron natural-oxidation is particularly suggested for a good looking necessities e.g. on the furnishing field.