A passion 40 years long

The ZEP firm works in the field of the metal surface treatments and it has been proposing itself on the Italian market scene since the beginning of the seventies.

The company management consists of a very experienced people whose the huge specialization on the present subject is a result of many working years.

The main treatment performed are the following:


The NICASIL s.r.l. has been working about electro-less nickel coating since the beginning of the eighties mainly on the Italian market.

Besides of the nickel coating of all sorts of items, the NICASIL s.r.l. performs the surface preparations such as the sand-blasting (by micro-spheres or corundum’s powder) and the solvent cleaning, or finishing treatments such us the de-hydrogenation and the thermal hardening.

Either companies are constituted by production establishments, by administrating bureaus, by a lab to control the processes and the processed items’ quality, by a plant maintaining service.

The domicile transport service is active on the North of Italy for the whole clientele.

The liable and constructive involvement of their co-workers connected to the continuous production system updating looks the both companies forward to a consolidation and an improvement of the acquired market positions.

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