Chromate film

Cromazione film protettivo metalli - Nicasil ZEP

Process and advantages of chromatization

This protective treatment is applicable only on the aluminium and its alloys.

It is ideal as a pre-varnishing film.

Because of its chrome-aluminium oxides and salts, the chromate film enables the items to resist against the corrosive agents and ensures also a good corrosion-proof against some aggressive chemical agents e.g. the concentrated nitric acid.

It concerns the aluminium surface converting to a gold-yellowish mixed aluminium chromate and oxides.

It preserves the electric conductivity of the item and it gives rise a good looking to the whole surface.

Chromate coating plant

Semi-automatic Jigs plant equipped with tanks which dimensions are the following: 3,50×1,00×1,20 meters.

The chromate coating is suitable for aluminium and its alloys.

Drying oven on the plant and the surface-preparing/chromate tanks are kept at 35 degrees.

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