Cleaning and Phosphocromatation

Trattamento della Passivazione - Nicasil ZEP

process and advantages of cleaning and phosphocromatation


Chemical removal of grease spots and of superficial organic components.

Can be performed as a chemical cleaning (standard) or chemical and electrolytic cleaning (special).

Depending on the nature of the substrates, the aqueous chemical solutions contain different kind of basic compounds.


It is applied on the aluminium to prevent against the corrosive  agents and as a film-substrate of further varnish-layers.

It is called also phosphocromatation where the protective film  contains only chrome (III). Therefore it is often preferred to replace the old hexavalent chrome cromatation with regards to the UE  Environmental Norms (such as rohs, reach and so on).
Good corrosion resistance (salt fog cabinet test= 72 hours for
common castings with regards to norm UNI ISO 9227/2006), good  adherence as pre-varnishing layer and preservation of electic and  magnetic properties of the items’ sostrate. It is a conversion of the  surface because of the reaction by the aluminium sostrate and the  solution salts.

Suitable on all kind of aluminium alloys. In particular, to odds and ends or items up to 3 metres of lenght. Furthermore it is possible to define then apply new specific jigs in order to treat diffent kind of geometries and shapes.

The coating process depends on the shape of the item, on the edges and weldings and the superficial activation. In certain cases it is necessary to process further the matherial by a prior sandblasting step.

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