stainless steel decontamination

process and benefits of stainless steel decontamination

Auto-catalytic chemical coating to obtain a thickness of 80 microns at the most.

Being a chemical coating we can warranty the uniform amount of nickel film on the whole item surface.

Good corrosion-proof and wonderful looking properties, in fact it is particularly proposed on decorative fields.

It appears like the satiny stainless-steel.

Good surface hardness (approximately 600 HV100) that could be increased by an optional thermal treatment to even reach 1000 HV100.

Suitable to protect all sorts of metals, to promote a better coating stick we propose a previous sand-blasting through manual or automatic machines.

They are provided with different types of powders to yield the surface more homogeneous.

Optional: thermal hardening, de-hydrogenating thermal treatment and full-oils lubrication.

Stainless Steel Decontamination Plant

Equipped with either barrels or jigs, the plant is also provided with a medium-phosphorous nickel plating bath.

Ideal for processing either odds and ends or bigwigs.

The tanks dimensions are: 2,40×1,20×1,20 meters.

Depending on the customer’s requirements the deposited thickness could have a range between 5 and 120 microns.

The plant conditions and the thickness controls are managed by our QC laboratory in order to guarantee an higher level performance and an exact value of the required thickness.

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