Stainless steel electro-polishing

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process and advantages of stainless steel electro-polishing

Electro-polishing of all types of stainless steel, from the AISI 304 on.

Because of the electrochemical process, the treatment induces a lot of properties on the stainless steel such as the looking improvement (cleaning and brightness) and the corrosion-proof (passivation).

Tank dimensions: 2,80×1,20×0,80 meters, possibility of full-oils or emulsifying-oils lubrication.

Stainless steel electro-polishing plant

Plant provided with jigs to process the electro-polishing on all stainless steels (from the AISI 304).

Tanks dimensions: 2,80×1,20×0,80.

Optional: possibility of white-oil solution lubrication, depending from case to case possibility of a metal surface sand-blasting in order to get it more homogeneous.

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