Thermal hardening and hydrogenation

Indurimento Termico e Deidrogenazione - Nicasil ZEP

process and advantages of thermal hardening and hydrogenation

We perform the thermal hardening to harden the metal surface, in particular coatings such as the nickel-phosphorous alloy (also called “chemical nickel coating”).

It concerns the transformation of the Ni-P alloy crystalline structure to an higher superficial hardness structure.

The temperature is 340 degrees at the most, the process tracing is guaranteed to whole clientele on request.

Thermal hardening and de-hydrogenating oven

A completely automatic plant to harden the coatings (such as electro-less Nickel) or to de-hydrogenate the already processed items.

It reaches 340 degrees and the processing time is set up on a desired value.

The plant is connected to a managing-software in order to get all information about the products history and the performing conditions.

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